Authentic Organic Coconuts & Copra

For Certified Organic Processors , Organic Traders & Exporters

Certified by : APEDA (NPOP standards) & FSSAI

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For Whom

Organic Certified Processors

Processors include food, cosmetic and medicine


Organic Traders

Organic Retailers

Organic Eateries

Personal Use

Anyone who wants to experience the actual organic coconut & copra

What we offer

Organic De-husked Coconut
Organic Copra (Dried Coconut)

Why US ?

What We Offer

– Certified Organic Coconuts: From dehusked coconuts to dried coconut (copra), all grown with meticulous care and sustainable practices.

– Trusted Supplier: Directly sourced from our farm for freshness and authenticity.

– Sustainable Practices: Eco-friendly methods that don’t harm animals, preserving the environment while delivering premium-quality coconuts.

– Non-GMO Crops: Our coconuts are free from genetically modified organisms.

– Solar Dryer: Our own solar dryer ensures hygienic practices and adds to the authenticity and control over quality.


Why Choose SPM Organic:

– Authenticity: We produce our own manure, ensuring complete quality control.

– Organic Certification: Certified organic coconuts meeting rigorous standards.

– Expertise: 15+ years of experience in organic coconut farming, delivering excellence.